• The team at Excavating NJ were an interesting mix to work with and they got the job done in an expeditious and complete fashion. While they had to endure a harsh Winter with too much snow and...
  • Every homeowner lives in abject fear of a huge job like a septic replacement, and I was certainly no different. Excavating NJ was recommended by multiple sources and once they were on the job I...
  • GREAT job on our Septic Repair Project! Upfront pricing so we knew what to expect, professional workers and EXPERT advice. Thank You Excavating NJ, we will recommend you to all our friends and...
  • Excavating NJ just completed a septic system installation for us. Mike responded quickly to our inquiry and inspected our existing system. He told us what was wrong and advised us of our options. W...
  • Excavating NJ, represented by Mike White, did a great job on our septic system. He was true to the contract....there were no "surprises"....and he got the job done in a satisfactory amount of...
  • I had a septic installation done because my leech field was overflowing. All it took was one call to Excavating NJ.. was all I needed. They work with several engineers and found the right one for...
  • Mike and crew did a great job for us on a septic repair. The price was right, the work was completed very quickly, and we were impressed with some deft backhoe work in tight quarters.
  • Mike was very professional and a pleasure to work with, Kyle and Tom outdid themselves on many occasions. They all went out of their way to come to a settlement with an angry buyer who thought he...

Septic Inspections



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Septic System Inspections


If you are in need of a septic tank inspector, we can help. Our NEHA certified septic inspectors will perform a thourough septic tank inspections as well as a complete septic inspections to evaluate the condition of the septic system before you buy a home.  septic tank inspections is one of the most important inspections you can do, a septic syetm will most likely be the most exspensive and invasive project you will incurr owning a home. The septic inspectors you choose is important. Most septic inspection companies send a camera down the septic system and base the evaluation on just what the camera can see. This kind of septic inspections is not a good evaluation of a septic system life span and usually ends up with septic repairs, or a new septic system soon after the home is purchased. When Excavating NJ performs an inspection it is thourough and we will put a warranty on the septic system so you as the buyer do not have to worry about your septic system. Excavating NJ will dig up the components of the septic system and send the camera in to directly evaluate the septic system components. A hydrolic load test may be nessasary for homes that have not been in use to determine if the septic system can handle the water flow.


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In our experience  as Septic System Inspectors, we have seen many septic systems that were passed by other septic inspection companies in failing condition. Excavating NJ is called in to make what the homeowners thinks is a minor septic system repair and it end up they need a new septic system because the septic inspectors who did the septic inspections did not perform an accurate septic tank inspections. Excavating NJ is a septic system installation company and septic repair company as well as a septic inspection company and because we actually build septic systems we know exactly how they work and what to look for during a septic tank inspections. Excavating NJ also will video record the septic tank inspections and encourage the homeowner of realitor to be present during the septic inspections so any septic problems that we find during the septic inspections will be noted first hand. If septic problems are found Excavating NJ will provide and estimate to make any septic repairs nesassary and fix them on the spot so your septic problems do not hold up your closing.


Why a Warranty is important

If i were buying a home with a septic system, my first question would be can i get a warranty on the septic system? The answer is yes. If a septic system passes the septic inspection we can provide a warranty in 3 year increments. This warranty can be renewed with an septic inspection every 3 years and can be kept  in place for as long as the homeowner desires. Homeowner should be aware of any septic inspection company that will not provide and warranty, because all of the septic inspectors write there reports to protect themselves from any liability. If a good septic inspection is done you should be confident as the septic inspector that the septic system will function for years to come. 


Servicing Areas: Chester NJ-Mendham NJ-Oakland NJ-Franklin Lakes NJ-Bernardsville NJ-Long Valley NJ-Mt Olive NJ-Sussex NJ-Wantage NJ-Vernon NJ-Sparta NJ-Hopatcong NJ-Jefferson NJ-Hewitt NJ-West Milford NJ-Morristown NJ-Newton NJ
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We happily service clients in the counties of Sussex, Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Warren including the towns of Oakland, Wycoff, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Lake Hoatcong, Hopatcong, Ringwood, West Milford, Jefferson, and all surrounding areas.
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We happily service septic system clients in the counties of Sussex, Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Warren including the towns of Oakland, Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Lake Hopatcong, Hopatcong, Ringwood, West Milford, Jefferson, New Jersey.

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