• Excavating NJ, represented by Mike White, did a great job on our septic system. He was true to the contract....there were no "surprises"....and he got the job done in a satisfactory amount of...
  • Excavating NJ just completed a septic system installation for us. Mike responded quickly to our inquiry and inspected our existing system. He told us what was wrong and advised us of our options. W...
  • Mike and crew did a great job for us on a septic repair. The price was right, the work was completed very quickly, and we were impressed with some deft backhoe work in tight quarters.
  • I had a septic installation done because my leech field was overflowing. All it took was one call to Excavating NJ.. was all I needed. They work with several engineers and found the right one for...
  • Every homeowner lives in abject fear of a huge job like a septic replacement, and I was certainly no different. Excavating NJ was recommended by multiple sources and once they were on the job I...
  • Mike was very professional and a pleasure to work with, Kyle and Tom outdid themselves on many occasions. They all went out of their way to come to a settlement with an angry buyer who thought he...
  • The team at Excavating NJ were an interesting mix to work with and they got the job done in an expeditious and complete fashion. While they had to endure a harsh Winter with too much snow and...
  • GREAT job on our Septic Repair Project! Upfront pricing so we knew what to expect, professional workers and EXPERT advice. Thank You Excavating NJ, we will recommend you to all our friends and...

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief & Cleanup After Storms
Excavating NJ Inc. has seen first hand the impact storms have on the lives of homeowners and businesses. We have been a active Northern New Jersey participant in hurricane relief and storm cleanup throughout the last decade and we will be here to help you now. Excavating NJ Inc. emergency response - 800-741-3922


We understand the importance of being available ready to go 24/7. 
  • Emergency Service for Storm Cleanup / Relief
  • Tree Removal / Cleanup
  • Fix Washouts
  • Equipment Available For Clean Up
  • Regrading Of Properties
  • Sewer Backups 
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Storm Damage Clean Up
Excavating NJ Inc. provides emergency storm response services for utilities, municipalities and the like following hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters. We have the  men power, experience, and the equipment, for safe handling of the required task. We will assure cleanup efforts go as smoothly and professionally as possible and we will minimize the effects of an already tragic experience.
With an arsenal of equipment the Excavating NJ crews can move heavy weight and large amounts of debris, safely and fast!
Call Today To Schedule Assistance - 800-741-3922
Our late model equipment very relaible and ready for any job.
Be Prepared....

A hurricane is nothing to be treated lightly. Torrential rain, cutting winds, and surges that can tear down the strongest of buildings require preparation. Review the following hurricane safety tips checklist and be prepared. It may help you and your loved ones survive a potentially deadly hurricane.


How to Prepare for a Hurricane

  1. Listen to the forecast. Pay attention to any warnings and determine whether to evacuate or ride out the storm.
  2. If you choose not evacuate, find a safe shelter to stay in that is adequately outfitted with emergency supplies.
  3. Ensure your family knows when to go to the shelter and how best to get there.
  4. Install storm shutters on your home, or cover windows with plywood to keep them from breaking.
  5. Purchase supplies such as non-perishable food, water, flashlights, a portable radio, batteries, and a first-aid kit.
  6. Have rain gear and extra clothing stored in your shelter and easily accessible.

What to Do when a Hurricane Warning is Issued by the National Weather Service

  1. Get a hold of family members to determine their whereabouts and enact your safety plan.
  2.  Gather animals in a safe place.
  3. Fill your gas tank to ensure you can evacuate the area if necessary.
  4. Follow the directions of local authorities and listen to local weather reports.
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate. If you wait, exit routes may be at a standstill or completely closed.
  6. Move forward with securing your home, closing shutters and covering windows.
  7. Ensure everything that can be blown around and cause harm is tied down securely.

What to Do when the Storm Arrives

  1. If you are not evacuating, find a secure, safe shelter. Never stay in a mobile home, trailer, high rise, or your car.
  2. Stay away from any windows. Find an interior room in which you have access to emergency supplies.
  3. Don’t use electronic devices.
  4. Don’t light candles. Ensure you have several flashlights with plenty of extra batteries on hand.
  5. Have your portable radio on so you can monitor the weather and follow any instructions of local authorities.
  6. Don’t leave your secure area too soon. The storm may appear to have calmed but you may simply be in the eye.
  7. Always wait for the all-clear signal from local authorities.

What to Do after the Storm Has Passed

  1. Make sure local authorities have issued the all-clear signal and that the storm has completely passed.
  2. Check for power lines that have been damaged or are down and keep away from them.
  3. Drink bottled water until you can ensure the drinking water is safe.
  4. Keep calm and remain patient. Take some time to ensure everything is safe.
  5. Check on neighbors and family members and perform first aid or contact medical authorities for assistance.
  6. Replenish any supplies used and ensure you are prepared for the next storm.

Remember, a hurricane is an extremely destructive force that should not be taken lightly. Always make sure you are well prepared in advance of the storm. Listen to, and follow, the advice and instructions of your local Emergency Personnel. Don’t put your life or the lives of your family at risk. Take the time to discuss emergency plans with your family and increase your chances of surviving a deadly hurricane unharmed.

Managing Drainage Around Your Property

Excavating NJ has made it easier than ever to schedule your Septic Inspection Online, 24x7

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